What’s to come out of commoditised pleasure?

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What’s to come out of commoditised pleasure?

Many people outside of my industry are under the impression that the only people who book me are those who ‘need’ to pay for sex; those who don’t have any other options available to them. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many reasons for why a person might choose commoditised pleasure, and many of my clients could easily go and pick up women in the real world if they chose to.

However, there are many different types of sex. I have been told that encounters with me are about the whole experience and not ‘just sex’ – clients could pay much less if that is all they want. The most erogenous zone in the body is the mind and it starts with stimulating this area. It begins with connection and feeling appreciated exactly as you are. Then it is about letting thoughts turn dirty, wander and travel south – sending all the blood rushing to… oh you know.

It is about complete indulgement and being treated like a king (or queen). If my clients don’t tell me what they want, I need to figure it out and give it to them. When they leave, they need to be fulfilled and feeling far better than when they arrived. Depending on their personality, this is often difficult due to the nature of satisfying such a desire. Allowing desires to be met sans the hollow feelings of guilt that could follow is no easy feat.

I had one client compare his parlour experience with eating at McDonalds – it made him feel good at the time but empty after. This is because his experience had been far less personal (FYI, I’m not making a dig at parlour workers – this is purely his account). It’s a skill to have someone leave you feeling like it was 100% worth it and wanting to schedule the next appointment before they’ve even left (would you order your next meal at McDonalds while you’re still full?)

Furthermore, when my clients have a moment to themselves and allow their mind to wander, I hope they have plenty of erotic memories to relive. Pleasant distractions that take them far away from the mundane happenings of their everyday lives. Last but not least, remove all the strings and headaches of a real life girlfriend experience.

Let’s not compare experiences though, you just can’t. What works for one, may not work for another – it would be a boring world if we were all wired the same. However, let’s just acknowledge that sometimes paid sex can be that satisfying and hearty home-cooked meal you were in need of, or a five course Michelin Star experience that makes you realise there is much more to your palate, and leaves you wanting more.

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