For those of you that sometimes feel like never leaving your house, I totally understand!

So let’s help each other out – I love making content and connections with people without ever having to walk out my door, and now you can enjoy me without ever having to leave the comforts of your own home too.

If you’re interested in any of my virtual experiences below, please message me directly at

Please note I don’t ever reveal my full face but there are sometimes glimpses of the bottom half or side of my face.


Be surprised on a random day and time every week with one raunchy video and it’s matching five erotic images (of increasing levels of explicitness) in your inbox. I make one new video per month which will be included in the set along with three previously made ones (this can be a combination of my favourite videos or chosen by you from my video menu).

When enquiring about this package, you are welcome to provide detail about what you enjoy so that the package you receive is tailored to you.

600 AUD per month

At the conclusion of each month, you will be emailed with the payment details for the next month’s content should you wish to continue.


The videos are a range of solo and boy/girl videos.

Please email me to request the menu, which includes a description of each video, their length and price (ranging from 125 AUD to 150 AUD).


My favourite explicit photos ever taken. These are a mixture of images either taken of me or by me and are not published anywhere on the internet.

I have been told that they bring on a heart racing, blood-rushing, member-throbbing kind of effect…

Set of five for 150 AUD



Is a genuine connection important for you to fully be able to enjoy yourself? Do you have nerves that need to be eased before we meet? Or perhaps we are too far away from each other geographically to enjoy each others company at this point in time. Phone dates are a great way to get to know each other and develop a connection – especially if we have a face-to-face meeting and intimacy to come.

I have an inquisitive mind that adores getting to know people and making new friends. Be reassured you can speak to me as openly and freely as you wish in the knowledge that whatever is said will never be repeated. In return, I will do the same – people are often surprised by my openness, honesty and ability to share.

Furthermore, as a sex worker, I am used to hearing stories that have never been shared before due to fear of judgement or ruining a relationship. I hold a safe and non-judgemental space where you will find a caring and listening ear. To speak things out loud is one of the best ways to process and let go. Whatever is your wish to connect, I am here to take your call.

Half Hour 200 AUD


Want to hear some naughty stories? Or ask me questions of a nature not normally deemed “respectable” by mainstream society? Or hear about what I might be doing with you if you were here with me in the flesh? The scope is as deep as the oceans are wide for all the kinds of erotic indecencies we could be pouring into one another’s ears.

20 minutes 250 AUD
Include my five favourite explicit images 100 AUD



For those of you with specific inclinations or fantasies calling to be brought to life. Turnaround time for custom videos is up to 3 weeks (depending on the request, my schedule and whether or not I am travelling).

From 300 AUD


These can either be shot professionally or done “selfie-style” with my phone and as revealing as you would like. Turnaround time for custom photos is up to one week (depending on the shoot style, my schedule and whether or not I am travelling).

150 AUD


Below are the options for payment, if you have a preference please let me know.

After making your payment please remember to send me a photo or screenshot of the receipt for my records and so that I can then prepare your content.


BeemIt is a secure funds transfer app developed and backed by the four major banks. It is similar to Paypal but Australian-based. You need to provide your ID when signing up, however all transfers made with the app are instant and completely anonymous – all I will see is the username that you have chosen for yourself.

My username is @melbs. Sign up for an account here.


Payments can be made via bank transfer or as a cash deposit if you prefer for the payment to be anonymous (Commonwealth or NAB options).


All aboard the crypto wagon! And so anonymous too! I love when clients choose crypto as their payment method and will send you a little extra surprise if you pay this way – a token of thanks for fattening up my BTC wallet.


E-gift cards are an anonymous option that may be used for payment when the above methods are not suitable for you. I prefer for these to be sent to my email ( rather than my phone number, along with a screenshot of the transaction when done. I will provide you with the store link to use after you have let me know that this is your choice in payment method.


Please contact me for the range of payment methods (which include anonymous methods) available to you.


To get in touch, please use the forms below or contact me directly at or 0449 015 195 (SMS or Whatsapp). I do not take phone calls unless arranged in advance.

Please provide as many details as possible in your initial message – your name, desired time or time frame to meet (with a second option if the first isn’t available) and your preference for the location of our meeting. I would also be grateful if you could tell me a little about yourself and what sort of experience you enjoy.

I am appreciative of detailed enquiries and this will ensure a faster response from me, however please be respectful of my time by keeping our communication focused on arranging our meeting.

I do not discriminate against ethnicity, age or appearance and I ask that you are polite and respectful.

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Lets get acquainted...

Tours, Musings, Exclusive Pictures & Packages

Lets get acquainted...

Tours, Musings, Exclusive Pictures & Packages