My Retirement Sale is on now – see the details below and then request my updated video menu if you’re interested in a lasting memory of me.

This sale is only until 12am (AEST), 31st of July 2022.

**For previous visitors, the video menu has been culled to my best 8 videos, and are now ordered with my favourite at the start.**



The videos are a range of solo and boy/girl videos.

I have received plenty of praise on the natural, “home-made” style and feel of the videos (these are not for you if you are looking for porn done the mainstream way).

Once downloaded, they will be yours to keep and watch to your heart’s content.

To request the menu, which includes a description of each video, their length and price (originally ranging from $125AUD to $150AUD but now on sale at the prices detailed below), please message me directly at

Please note I don’t ever reveal my full face but there are sometimes glimpses of the bottom half or side of my face.

Retirement Sale!

Buy my top 8 explicit videos ~ $500AUD (valued at $1125AUD)

Include my 5 favourite explicit photos ~ $100AUD (valued at $150AUD)

Include the matching set of 5 photos for all 8 videos ~ $250AUD (valued at $800AUD)


Buy 1 video ~ $25AUD off

Buy 2 videos ~ $100AUD off

Buy 3 videos ~ $150AUD off

Include my 5 favourite explicit photos ~ $100AUD (valued at $150AUD)

Include the matching set of 5 photos with your chosen video(s) ~ $50AUD per set (50% off)

This sale is only until 12am (AEST), 31st of July 2022.

Contact via


My favourite explicit photos ever taken. These are a mixture of images either taken of me or by me.

I have been told that they bring on a heart racing, blood-rushing, member-throbbing kind of effect…

Set of 5 for $100AUD (on sale from $150AUD)


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Below are the options for payment, if you have a preference please let me know. After making your payment please remember to send me a photo or screenshot of the receipt for my records and so that I can then prepare your content.


BeemIt is a secure funds transfer app developed and backed by the four major banks. It is similar to Paypal but Australian-based. You need to provide your ID when signing up, however all transfers made with the app are instant and completely anonymous – all I will see is the username that you have chosen for yourself.

My username is @misslaurenhart. Sign up for an account here.



Payments can be made via bank transfer or as a cash deposit if you prefer for the payment to be anonymous (Commonwealth or NAB options).



All aboard the crypto wagon! And so anonymous too! I love when clients choose crypto as their payment method and will send you a little extra surprise if you pay this way – a token of thanks for fattening up my BTC wallet.



E-gift cards are an anonymous option that may be used for payment when the above methods are not suitable for you. I prefer for these to be sent to my email ( rather than my phone number, along with a screenshot of the transaction when done. I will provide you with the store link to use after you have let me know that this is your choice in payment method.



Please contact me for the range of payment methods (which include anonymous methods) available to you.



To get in touch, please use the forms below or contact me directly at or 0449 015 195 (SMS or Whatsapp). I do not take phone calls unless arranged in advance.

Please provide as many details as possible in your initial message – your name, desired time or time frame to meet (with a second option if the first isn’t available) and your preference for the location of our meeting. I would also be grateful if you could tell me a little about yourself and what sort of experience you enjoy.

I am appreciative of detailed enquiries and this will ensure a faster response from me, however please be respectful of my time by keeping our communication focused on arranging our meeting.

I do not discriminate against ethnicity, age or appearance and I ask that you are polite and respectful.

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Lets get acquainted...

Tours, Musings, Exclusive Pictures & Packages

Lets get acquainted...

Tours, Musings, Exclusive Pictures & Packages