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Ten things about me (updated)
  1.  The forms of art that touch me the most are music and literature. The ways they are able to shift my energy is a spiritual experience. Great writers and musicians are my versions of shamans as they are able to impact my consciousness in the most beautiful and beneficial of ways.
  2. Covid lockdowns taught me the importance of slowing down. I learnt that when you do this, you are able to feel everything and that everything you feel is heightened. Touch, taste, emotions, pleasure. If we are always rushing around, we aren’t able to fully enjoy (or process and understand) the depths of our experience. All life becomes a blur. I aim to carry this teaching into the post-pandemic world – and will hopefully be experiencing some of the enjoyable moments together with you.
To see the world in a grain of sand,
And heaven in a wild flower ~
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And infinity in an hour.
William Blake ~ Auguries of Innocence

3.  Covid lockdowns, like most providers, prompted me to explore virtual world of our line of work which I still offer here. I’d never thought about documenting my adventures before, but I am so happy with the progress of what I have been able to achieve and have had amazing feedback and many repeat customers (which is always the best!)

4.  When I was a child I never played with Barbie dolls. My favourite thing to do was make mud pies and decorate them with wild flowers (should I stop calling myself a luxury escort now?).

5.  One day, when I am finished with this part of my life and I am travelling a lot less, I look forward to being able to own a country escape, growing my own vegetables and perhaps housing 3-4 chickens.

6.  Although my tendency is towards being a night owl, I really enjoy my time in the morning. My favourite food is breakfast food and I like it simple: scrambled eggs on toast with a freshly-brewed black coffee. I find it’s best enjoyed with good company, slow conversation, soft morning light and updates on the news. I love overnight bookings that end in a delicious breakfast together before we each go back to our lives – knowing we had a wonderful but cheeky start to the day.

7.  I love to travel while I am simultaneously working. Now that we can travel again, I look forward to eventually frequenting all my favourite places. If I am not doing that, you may find me doing the opposite; I’ll be avoiding all the touristic routes and getting lost off the beaten track. No make-up and apart from a fantastic camera, I’ll be carrying as little possessions as possible. Places high on my list are Portugal, The Galapagos Islands and Japan.

8.  I love to hear people talk about their passions, as I believe that is where each person’s purpose lies. I don’t care about the topic, it is a pleasure to see how they are lit up and filled with new energy as they speak about what brings them joy.

9.  So often I am given chocolate at bookings, and as I was taught to always graciously accept every gift, this is what I always do. However, chocolate does not a good touring diet make, so I am often able to find someone to give it to on my journey home. The homeless of the city say thank you, and it really is a nice touch for the end of my evening.

10.  If you have read this far, I am so flattered! I really think you should email me, as I’d like to get to know you too.

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