Thank you to the lovely gentlemen who have taken the time to share their thoughts on me. I have extracted some quotes to share with you here that are linked to the full review found on the web. Unfortunately my Scarlet Blue reviews were deleted as being a Melbournian, I had no advertising up for a significant period due to the extensive lockdowns. You will still find plenty of reviews about me on Punter Planet however.

Just a note for those concerned about the authenticity of reviews, Punter Planet is a moderated website in which ISP addresses are tracked to make sure the owner does not have multiple accounts. In addition, it is evident that the users whom have posted reviews of many different girls would need to be genuine in order to be able to do this.



“Lauren is beautiful, charming and engaging. She is easy in her grace and made my night much more comfortable than I ever imagined it could be. She is attentive and responsive and truly an incredible woman.”
Dm31444, Punter Planet

“Her retirement last year was a mini disaster for me and her return this year welcome until I found out she had no definite plans to visit Perth. Another first then as I travelled to Melbourne for no other reason than to have a 3 hour session with her.”
The Old Fella, Punter Planet

“A lot has been written about Lauren’s oral skills. Lauren has a technique that will take you to the edge and back or over if that’s your desire, or if you can manage to keep control.”
Drewboy, Punter Planet

“Her exceptionally pretty face, those gorgeous brown eyes looking at you, her erotic kisses, her womanly curves, her passion and intensity, and most of all her exceptional oral skills, you just cannot go wrong.”
Mystery, Punter Planet

“The two hours I just spent with Lauren were just a total joy. Not only is she a beautiful young woman with an outstanding technique in the bedroom (especially orally), but she is a real pleasure to spend time with – a wonderful sense of humour and love of life.”

Peter,  Private Girls

“She’s a great girl to chat with and seems truly to have her head screwed on right. She was really down to earth and just plain honest. I like that in a WL.”
CPTinSYD, Punter Planet

“If you want a complete carnal experience… a downright dive into the sheets, draining away every inch of your soul into the abyss that is her sexual fire, she’s the lady for you.”
Rabbitboy, Punter Planet

“The door opened to an absolutely sexy Eurasian princess just as described. A gorgeous face. A smoking body and hands down the best arse I have seen in my punting experience. Wow. Best of all, Lauren has a personality to match. A genuinely good person with whom I felt at ease immediately.”
Sixfiveman, Punter Planet

“Sexual intercourse is one thing, but sex with a hot, passionate, attentive woman who is clearly skilled, and interested, takes it to a different plane. A true girlfriend experience, or at least what I think a true girlfriend experience should be. Truly memorable!”
Blu2010, Punter Planet

“Upon meeting Lauren her natural beauty was captivating. The photos of Lauren do not do her justice as she is even more enticingly beautiful in person. Her body is a wonderland and she has a fantastic easy going nature with a terrific sense of humour.”
Chris, Scarlet Blue

“I have decided Lauren has a talent for conjuring up an experience that comes from the Punter by paying attention to them, and that’s why everyone is happy.”
Mgoo, Punter Planet

“My ideal companion is one that makes me feel comfortable chatting over a glass of wine even when we have just met for the first time. I had the pleasure of booking Lauren for a couple of hours last Saturday evening and she fits the bill as the perfect GFE in my book.”
Captain Alpha, Punter Planet

“She’s not just a pretty face; Lauren is adept at having a chat and making you feel really comfortable and relaxed; both upon greeting and in between other ‘activities’. That she remembered things about me from our conversations of our first booking made me feel welcome as well. So welcome that I nearly skipped off to the shower before realising I hadn’t dealt with the financials! That was a common theme throughout our afternoon together; I often forgot this was a paid service.”
Houseoffun, Punter Planet

“I found Lauren to be a sincere, charming young lady both in and out of the bedroom and not as innocent as she might look!”
Gnomking, Punter Planet

“The lovely Lauren continues to fill my world with sensuous and erotic fantasy and I look forward excitedly to the next time I am fortunate to be in her stunning company. I recommend anyone who appreciates true class, beauty and eroticism to make contact with Lauren, you will remember the encounter for the rest of your life.”
Ian, Scarlet Blue

“Most importantly, as a complete package, Lauren is so desirable. And for days afterwards I have been remembering her and wanting to experience more.”
Mymuse, Punter Planet


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Lets get acquainted...

Tours, Musings, Exclusive Pictures & Packages