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Tangents upon Tangents: Witchcraft & my March/April News

Hello Cyber-world,

I am back from holiday! To be honest with you, it was never really a holiday as I actually did a lot of work. All of it, however, was in the realm of my own mind and a notebook. I solved all my work-related issues on a blanket in a grass clearing in the forest – not even a wifi connection. However, I can say that every time I had an “AHA” moment, a blue butterfly would come past.

My music was nature – the orchestra of cicadas combined with birds and crickets, also lots of other Australian creepy crawlies – bugger me if I know all their names (but that’s all semantics obviously, I mean – I am here, doing my thing, but do you even really know my name?) Names are totally unimportant when we know the essence of each other.

Anyway. One thing that nature taught me is that I have been stretching myself out too thin. In order for me to fill other’s cups, I must keep my own cup topped up too. I feel I was lucky enough to be granted with a large enough dose (cup?) of sexuality, but I don’t see my job as just being about that.

I love when I can help people to feel more connected with themselves and the world around them. I bring them back into touch with their bodies. I hold a safe space for people to explore themselves and the inner workings of their own minds, so that through me, they can experience what they have never experienced before or what they don’t have enough of in their lives. Following that, we are essentially exploring the world together… I hold within me many blood-lines 😉

In the grand scheme of things, I aim to shift consciousness and provide you with new perspectives. We sex workers are essentially witches with the most beautiful of crafts. We are healers in our own unique way. I still don’t understand why we are so frowned upon by society. Not too dissimilar to how in ancient times, many so-called “witches” were actually medicine women that healed people.

Sure, some of the witchy remedies worked by placebo, but there is a strong case for the fact that the history of medicine is largely based on placebo too. The power of the mind should not be dismissed as inferior to the power of external chemicals.

For example, when people expect relief from pain – even with an inert substance, they can turn on their own internal pain-relief system – the endorphin system. “En” comes from endogenous – i.e. made in the body, “orphine” is derived from the word “morphine”. Morphine and endorphins are so structurally similar that they use the same receptor site and turn on the same cascade of events. We really can work magic with our own minds. Sorcery IS in fact, real. Excuse me for the tangent.

Each person that sees me is special and gets no shortage of my feminine powers in the time that we are together. However, as I plan to put time aside for my other witchy projects, any bookings from those I have never met for these next two months (March and April of 2019) must be for a minimum of two hours long. These next two months are all about connection, and two complete strangers require longer: magic works at it’s own pace and you just can’t rush.

If we’ve not yet met before but for whatever reason you can’t see me for very long, you could do one of three things: wait for the month of May (you are more than welcome to book well in advance), see me while I am visiting Sydney (dates TBA), or book me as a duo – I have my best girlfriends Cleo Montez AND Alicia Bloom visiting from overseas this month – we will all be available together for threesomes and even foursomes if you feel so inclined (details to come).

Much love,

Lauren x

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