Cleo Montez


Cleo is my dearest friend, my soul mate in a woman’s body. She is confident, charismatic and oozes plenty of natural sex appeal.

Our close friendship is a special one – and not to mention very erotic. If you want the most intimate of experiences with two Eurasian goddesses, then look no further than seeing the two of us together.

Cleo lives in a different country and is often occupied with other work, however we will be doing some international travel together in 2019. Get in touch if you would like to see us together in your city.


It went on and on and felt amazingly natural. I think my familiarity with Lauren, her close friendship with Cleo and Cleo’s lovely personality and spontaneous nature created an amazing chemistry between us. Numerous times I struggled to hold on but managed to do so until the very end.

…I can confirm that Lauren and Cleo are certainly ‘very close friends’, they demonstrated just how close they are during our time together. No, a better description is ‘friends with benefits’. My favourite memory was watching them kiss each other’s lips. The question here being, which lips am I referring to?

Punter Planet


To get in touch, please use the forms below or contact me directly at I am also available to respond to enquiries via Whatsapp on +61 449 015 195. I have a busy lifestyle so please do not call or leave voice messages. I am happy to talk on the phone prior to our meeting if we arrange a suitable time to talk in advance.

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