Brief Interlude

1 hour
700 AUD

Our Moment in Time

1.5 hours
950 AUD

Breath of Fresh Air

2 hours
1200 AUD

Slice of Heaven

3 hours
1600 AUD

Two-Part Feast

4 hour dinner date (50:50 between dining out and fun)
1800 AUD

Decadent Delight

4 hours
2000 AUD

Sensual Wonderland

6 hours (rec. for longer dining, split is flexible)
2650 AUD

Revel in Reverie

8 hours
3300 AUD

Let’s Dream Together

Overnight, 14 hours
4000 AUD

A Turn of the Earth

One day, 24 hours
6000 AUD

Escape with Me

Two Nights, 48 hours
9000 AUD

Paradise Continued…

Additional nights, 24 hours
3000 AUD


The rates for my 1 hour and 6+ hour booking time frames have recently been changed. Clients that have seen me before November 1, 2021 are grandfathered at my previous rates.

I prefer bookings to be made with plenty of notice. I am a low-volume companion and priority is made towards regular clientele.

I do not have a tiered rate system – most of what I provide is included in my rates. The only additional charges are for when extra preparation is required beforehand; I am happy to elaborate if you ask about this.

You are welcome to email me for a service list or with your questions if there is something you would like to include or explore. Please feel welcome to let me know what you enjoy and I am also happy to confirm my boundaries with you if asked. It is important to me that our time together is based on our shared and mutual enjoyment.

My reviews will also provide you with more understanding as to my personality and what an encounter with me generally entails. Please keep in mind that no two interactions are the same and that the experiences described in the reviews are based on the preferences of the reviewer.


Bookings with significant travel time incur a travel surcharge, please enquire if you are unsure.

I am available for Fly Me To You bookings. For travel within Australia, the minimum time frame is 4 hours or a lunch/dinner date booking. All travel costs and additional expenses must be paid for.

Overnight bookings include a minimum of 6 hours of sleep, while multi-day bookings include a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep and 1-2 hours of personal time per day.


I accept payment by cash, BeemIt, Direct deposit/Electronic Funds Transfer and Bitcoin.

Payment is for my time and companionship, not what we do in the time together. My rates are skewed to reflect my enjoyment of longer bookings where we can take our time and get to know one another.

I dislike talking about money and I like to allow the experience between us to flow naturally – so please ensure payment is dealt with at the start of our meeting. If meeting in public, please be discreet and hand it to me within a book or a card.

A deposit is required to confirm all bookings. This allows me to set time aside in my schedule with peace of mind that it is confirmed and that you are committed. After confirming the details of our meeting, I will let you know the deposit amount and my preference for how you can transfer this.

If you need to cancel, I will often credit the deposit towards a future booking – however this is on a case-by-case basis and depends on how much I have been put out.

Deposits are always refunded back to you should I need to cancel, however I only ever cancel in extreme circumstances.


Below are the options for transferring funds, if you have a preference please let me know.



BeemIt is a secure funds transfer app developed and backed by the four major banks. It is similar to Paypal but Australian-based. You need to provide your ID when signing up, however all transfers made with the app are instant and completely anonymous – all I will see is the username that you have chosen for yourself.

I am happy to take the full payment via BeemIt, however please note that the daily limit is $2000.

My username is @misslaurenhart. Sign up for an account here.


Deposits can be transferred via EFT or as a cash deposit at a NAB Smart ATM. You are also welcome to prepay the full booking this way if you prefer. Please take a photo or screenshot of the receipt when done and allow for enough time so that the transfer will be completed before the booking takes place.

I do not commence bookings unless the payment has been received.


I am happy to accept deposits as well as the full payment made in advance via Bitcoin. The deposit must be made within 24 hours of sending you my wallet details and the full payment must be completed before the commencement of this booking if you choose to pay in full via this method.


E-gift cards are an anonymous option that may be used for deposits when the above methods are not suitable for you. I prefer for these to be sent to my email ( rather than my phone number, along with a screenshot of the transaction when done.

Options for cards are The Iconic, Prezzee and Uber.

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